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XP Series

beyerdynamic has been launching three new in-ear headphones under the XP series label exclusively for the India/Asia/Pacific region.

The XP series was initiated by the JABEN chain, a renowned headphones specialist and trusted partner, with shops in South East Asia, China and Australia. Jaben also runs an online-store at

3 models will be offered: XP1, XP2 and XP3, all sharing the same design, but featuring different sound images. The sound quality and design of the products were developed in cooperation between beyerdynamic and JABEN. All three are sold at USD 58 through

The XP in-ears are mainly tailored to meet the needs of the Asian markets. Our research has shown that the tastes of Asian consumers are very specific, and quite different from those of our European and American customers, when it comes to sound, design and packaging. For these specific reasons, we decided to introduce these three in-ears exclusively in Asia.

So should you ever run into a review, post or comment about the XP series, please be aware that these are not copycats or anything illegal, but meant exclusively for the Asian markets. Our partner Jaben assured us to deliver only to Asian customer, but if any XP in-ears show up in your market, or in case you receive warranty claims from customers, please let us know immediately.

More information can be found at