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IG-Metall Frankfurt / Germany

Project: The new Conferencing Area of the German Industrial Union of Metal Workers, the IG-Metall, at the “MainForum” in Frankfurt

Since summer 2005 the industrial union of metal workers, the IG-Metall, is the main tenant at the “MainForum” in Frankfurt. Inside the new headquarters there is a 1000m² large conferencing area, which has been equipped with the latest conference and audio visual systems. The conferencing area comprises two conference rooms; the “North” and “South” room.

The North Room
This conference room has been designed for 200 people, but with moveable walls it can be divided into three rooms. Therefore, this room can also be used for meetings and training arranged by external organisers. Of course a conference system is needed for communication. The wireless MCW-Digital conference system from beyerdynamic can be set up or removed quickly and easily. Therefore, it is ideal for the use in various applications to meet different arrangements and seatings. The MCW-D 200 system has been installed with two chairman units and 18 MCW-D 2071 delegate units.

Furthermore, there are four wireless Opus 800 microphones available for lectures or similar applications. In addition to this there are four permanent and four mobile interpreter booths with SIS 1202 interpreter consoles from beyerdynamic. This user-friendly system is designed as a dual console, as normally two interpreters take turns in simultaneous interpreting applications. The participants can listen to the foreign languages by using DT 2 headphones. The interpretation is transmitted either via the FE 316 beltpack receivers of the TTS 300 system or the headphone outputs of the wireless MCW-D microphone units.

The South Room
The South room is used for board meetings. The seating of this room is shaped like a U with a row of tables for the board members. As the seating cannot be changed in this room, it was possible to install the wired MCS 100 conference system. There is one microphone unit for each board member available, whereas two advisors share one microphone unit respectively. The equipment of this room also includes two wireless Opus 800 handheld and beltpack transmitters with clip-on microphone.

Pictures: Prosound and beyerdynamic