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beyerdynamic´s MCW-D 50 conferencing system brings clear communications to International Finance Corporation

As the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a private sector of the World Bank Group and the largest multilateral provider of financing for private enterprise in developing countries, prepared to upgrade the tele/video conferencing systems in two executive briefing centers at its headquarters in Washington, D.C., the company was looking for a system that would provide clear communication and security while offering a truly wireless system. The IFC selected beyerdynamic’s MCW-D 50 wireless conferencing system for its upgrade.

The physical layout and structure of the briefing centers posed several acoustical challenges, including a noisy HVAC system. For the IFC, a system that would enable members in each room, as well as those participating via phone and video, to hear more clearly was critical.

“The mic elements that are used in the MCW-D 50 conferencing stations have a very transparent response for both male and female voices, while the processing algorithm produces a very natural sound that’s echo-free and not overly processed or gated,” says Brian Gross, owner and senior design engineer of Phoenixx Systems, the systems integrator working on the install. “We had a tremendous amount of confidence in beyerdynamic’s expertise in RF traffic - especially in the nation’s capitol, to assure that the totally wireless system was completely stable and free from interference.”

Esthetics also played a role in selecting the conferencing system. “The IFC wanted its briefing rooms to look as clean and professional as possible - cables dressed over the table or mics integrated into the ceiling was not an option,” Gross continues. “There are other conferencing systems that employ a cabled backbone that could not be considered because of the impact to the visuals in the room. Cables are not required for the MCW-D 50 conferencing stations to operate as a complete and coherent system.”

Since much of the IFC’s business centers around a company’s or nation’s finances, security was paramount. The encryption technologies in the MCW-D 50 conferencing system ensures that the signal cannot be detected by a third party. Other security features include a chipping code, which provides additional encryption of audio signals before data transmission, and an encrypting data transmission protocol and data compression created for exclusive use with beyerdynamic’s wireless conferencing systems.

The conferencing system is used in connection with the Polycom Vortex voice system and VSX8000 video conferencing system. As Gross explains, the MCW-D 50 integrated well with the Polycom systems, “The beyerdynamic system did a fine job of delivering the processed mix of their mics to the Vortex and then to the codec, rather than the Vortex managing the individual mics directly, again the best word to describe the interface, the performance and resulting sound is ‘transparent’”.