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Advantages of the MCW-D 50 wireless conference system in historical buildings

They're often beautiful and stately, but older conference rooms can prove challenging for systems contractors who are trying to integrate modern AV equipment into their idiosyncratic tables, walls, and ceilings. The National World War II Museum in New Orleans houses a perfect example — its Purple Heart Boardroom, where the museum's board of directors, director, and staff frequently hold meetings. The handmade conference table has sentimental significance — its wood is from specific World War II battlefields in Europe and the Pacific — so there was no option to drill or replace the table. Therefore they have chosen the MCW-D 50 wireless conference system from beyerdynamic for their boardroom.


MCW-D 50 installed at National WWII Museum in New Orleans

The National WWII Museum (formerly known as The National D-Day Museum) in New Orleans has incorporated beyerdynamic’s MCW-D 50 wireless conferencing system into its boardroom set-up.

Every inch of the structure is representative of the time period – even those areas not seen by the public, such as the museum’s conference room. The space contains a 30 foot long solid-wood handcrafted meeting table which lists the different beaches that were invaded during WWII in the Pacific and Europe. When the museum asked SoundWorks to assist them in integrating a video and teleconferencing system to their meeting space, they found that the table, along with the room’s structure, posed several unique challenges.

“My first thought was, ‘we surely can’t drill the table,’” explains Division Manager Robert Pourciau“. Acoustically this room was challenging because due to the ceiling’s concave shape, there’s no access to put speakers into the ceiling. Additionally, with one wall being made entirely of glass, the room possessed almost every obstacle you could imagine for speech reinforcement.

“beyerdynamic’s MCW-D 50 was the ultimate solution for this install,” Pourciau continues. “Getting the speakers as close to the person as you possibly can is the best way to design an audio system. The portability of the MCW-D 50 wireless system allowed us to accomplish this without having to modify the meeting table in any way. The portability of the MCW-D 50 also allows the system to be moved to other locations throughout the museum to be used for various meetings.”

The system also met the board’s security requirements. MCW-D 50’s DSSS ultra-safe transmission technology ensures that the signal cannot be detected by a third party. Other security features include a chipping code which provides additional encryption of audio signals before data transmission and an encrypting data transmission protocol and data compression created for exclusive use with beyerdynamic’s wireless conferencing systems.