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New beyerdynamic products at the Integrated Systems Europe in Amsterdam

February 15, 2016

In Amsterdam beyerdynamic presented new products of the Classis installation microphone series. The vertical Classis RM 30 Array microphones with Revoluto technology allow the speaker maximum freedom of movement to the right or left. It is also possible that several people share one microphone, for example in video conferences with desktop or ceiling installation. This is enabled by the horizontal corridor characteristic (horizontally cardioid, vertically lobar) optimising the gain before feedback in ceiling installations. Now the microphones are also available in white which ensures a discreet ceiling installation. A new video clip series explains the advantages of the Revoluto technology. Five video tutorials demonstrate the Revoluto microphones in comparison to gooseneck and boundary microphones in the following applications: meetings, video conferences (desktop and ceiling microphones), lecterns and panel discussions.

Video clips on YouTube

The microphones of the Classis BM 42/43 series are small, unobtrusive condenser boundary microphones. In addition to this, the Classis BM 52 features different operating modes and an adjustable frequency response. The new Classis GM 105/115 gooseneck microphones feature a good price-performance ratio.

As an accessory for gooseneck and Revoluto microphones a shock-mounted installation holder is available. The rugged holder can be easily and quickly installed into tables or lecterns. The GMS 32/52 is available in black or white with a 3-pin or 5-pin female XLR connector. A special feature is the swivelling lid covering the holder when not in use. When required, it can be removed or replaced. Furthermore, the lid can be produced in individual colours to match the surface of the table.

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The Coretis digital signal processor is a flexible, digital interface for audio signals. 12 analogue inputs and 8 analogue outputs make Coretis flexible for almost any application in professional installations. Additionally, there are 8 digital input and output channels available via the AVB network. The fixed DSP structure and the simple but very extensive user interface enable a fast and sophisticated configuration. The audio matrix of 20 x 16 allows versatile audio routing. Among other things the auto mixer, leveller, ducker and equalizer can be configured and are clearly displayed with status. The integrated AVB network switch allows connecting several units or other AVB capable devices without having to acquire external AVB switches. External interfaces such as RS232, TCP/IP and 8 GPIO each allow the connection to media control systems and remote control elements.


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