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Opus 600 - pure beyerdynamic sound, wireless

March 10, 2010

The freedom that musicians, actors, presenters, and moderators have gained through the development of the first wireless system is something that no one wants to do without anymore. With Opus 600 beyerdynamic presents a wireless system which achieves a maximum in audio and transmission quality while still fitting into every budgets. Up to 16 compatible channels (depending on operating conditions and specific national regulations), the interchangeable capsule system, the above-average transmitter operating time of more than 20 hours, and most simple, intuitive operation, are just four of numerous outstanding features.

Off course, and above all, Opus 600 offers pure “beyerdynamic sound”, a musical unfalsified sound which makes up the unique brilliance of all our microphones. An incomparable sound what makes the voices and instruments sound unique: not anaemic, but unbelievably natural – the way they are. Opus 600 has been developed for musicians or actors on stage, and presenters and moderators in sports halls, hotels, universities, and houses of worship.



Easy Setup: The AutoScan function enables automatic search for interference-free frequencies and fast and easy infrared transmission of the frequencies to the transmitter.

Multi-channel capability: State-of-the-art wireless technology enables the setup of multi-channel systems with up to 16 compatible channels (depending on operating conditions and specific national regulations).

Audio quality: The use of high-performance microphone capsules delivers pure beyerdynamic sound for the most different demands. For example, the DM 960 microphone head incorporates the TG-X 60 microphone capsule, one of the most popular and outstanding dynamic microphones worldwide.

Flexibility: The flexible interchangeable capsule system offers a tremendous multitude of possible applications.

Reliability: Just switch on and concentrate on your performance. The system ensures reliable transmission and noise-free reception, even under toughest conditions.

Eficiency: The transmitters require two 1.5 V AA alkaline batteries which provide a striking operating time of more than 20 hours.

Full control: The receiver displays AF and RF levels while the transmitters warn you when the batteries are getting weak.


The Opus 600 wireless system is available in the frequency ranges 506-530 MHz, 598-622 MHz (w/o NTSC channel 37), 598-622 MHz UK (UK version)*, 668-692 MHz, 774-798 MHz*, 790-814 MHz*, and 841-865 MHz*. Please refer to country regulations before using. Notes: * = Not for sale or use in the USA.