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A 2 (US)

A 2 (US)

Made in Germany
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Article Number: 716766
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Audiophile headphone amplifier 110 - 120 V
(switchable to 220 - 240 V)

Red Dot Award for beyerdynamic A 2 headphone amplifierNewly developed from scratch and already awarded with the renowned "Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014": The A 2 headphone amplifier does not only impress with its unbelievably natural and powerful airy sound, but also with its clear and high-quality design.

A Sound to Rave About

With its powerful and lively response, the A 2 brings out the best performances from all dynamic headphones and supplies an excellent reproduction quality that is as close as possible to the original sound: From highs with a brilliant resolution and absolutely authentic mid-range to a deep, natural bass. Amazingly noise-free operation and precise control can be enjoyed via all headphones that are connected, regardless of their impedance.

Fully Discrete and Adjustable

Selected, hand-assembled components and the discrete circuit design open up a richness of detail that is hard to beat. Due to the two headphone outputs two people can enjoy their favourite music together and the sophisticated, intuitive operation of the A 2 fills with enthusiasm. Applications such as the volume can be precisely and infinitely adjusted via the convenient remote control.

As a special highlight, the A 2 is currently the only device on the market that provides separate adjustments for the impedance and sensitivity of the connected headphones as well as different levels of the audio sources. This means that headphones between 16 ohms and 600 ohms can be operated perfectly on the A 2 without distortion occurring at high levels.
With the voltage selector switch the supply voltage can be adjusted to 110 - 120 V or 220 - 240 V, which allows the device to be used worldwide.

Sophisticated Industrial Design

Like its little brother, the A 20, the A 2 top-of-the-line model is based on a clearly structured, elegant design with smooth rounded housing edges without visible joins, screws or rivets made of massive, anodised aluminium. Another special eye-catcher is the transparent charcoal-coloured glass panel, which is flush with the top surface, enabling you to look through the famous beyerdynamic sound-wave logo into the noble interior of the A 2. LEDs spectacularly illuminate the circuit board in a warm light.

Each A 2 is supplied with an extraordinary accessory, a rugged headphone stand made of aluminium. When it is attached to the device, it serves as a practical storage solution for the headphone keeping it ready at all times hanging over the device.

beyerdynamic A2 headphone amplifier - illuminated inside view

An Overview: Features of the A 2

  • Discrete electronics for best audio reproduction
  • Amazingly natural and brilliant sound reproduction with an excellent resolution and spatiality
  • Two parallel headphone outputs for enjoyment of music for two people at any time
  • Convenient remote control for all functions
  • Via slide switches for selectable gain and impedance, the A 2 can optimally be tuned to connected dynamic headphones (16 - 600 ohms) and to audio sources (HD compatible)
  • Voltage selector switch for regional use worldwide (110 - 120 V and 220 - 240 V)
  • Headphone stand (can be mounted to the A 2) for compact storage of headphones
  • Elegant design with transparent glass cover enabling you to look at the illuminated noble interior

Please note:

For all regions worlwide please click here to get the version incl. power cable with “Schuko” connector – set to 220 – 240 V

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beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG
Theresienstr. 8
74072 Heilbronn - Germany

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technical data

Dimensions   216 x 235 x 55 mm
Frequency range   1 Hz - 100 kHz (-1 dB)
T.H.D.   0.001 % at 170 mW / 250 Ω
Maximum output power   170 mW / 250 Ω
Unweighted signal-to-noise ratio   > 101 dB (unweighted)
Channel separation   > 89 dB
Headphone outputs   2 stereo jack outputs 6.35 mm (1/4") in parallel mode (gold plated contacts)
Analog inputs   2 pairs RCA (gold plated)
Analog outputs   1 pair RCA (gold plated)
Net weight without packaging   2230 g

Spec Sheet


Spec Sheet

User Manual

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Universal talent
ear-in 08-09/2014 und 09/2014
Title: Universal talent
Author: Martin Mertens

ear-in 08-09/2014 und 09/2014
Title: Universaltalent
Author: Martin Mertens

Translated from the original German article


If there is a headphone amplifier, which is the ideal of an amplifier that produces no intrinsic sound and no error, it is the A 2 from beyerdynamic. Here you can tell very clearly that professionals were at work who develop neutral devices and no sound machines. Therefore, I cannot describe any sonic signature of the A 2. In fact the A 2 has made all the different sounds of various headphones quite clear. I always had the impression that each headphone is really driven correctly. Of course I have experimented with the small switches on the bottom.


I was even more impressed as to how clear the beyerdynamic amplifier demonstrates the sonic differences of the individual D/A transducers.


Conclusion: This is the headphone amplifier for those who really want to know what sources or headphones can do. But be warned; if you thought until now that sonic differences between D/A converters or cables were high-end esoteric, after you purchase the A 2 you will like to discuss the sonic influence of network cables.
ear-in rating:
Reference class 1.3
Price/performance ratio: Excellent

Outstanding Performer
Stereo 10/2014
Title: Intellectual
Author: Tom Frantzen

Stereo 10/2014
Title: Intellectual
Author: Tom Frantzen

Translated from the original German article


The sound of the A 2 from beyerdynamic is a real high-flyer which gives the impression of a very well thought out idea in addition to the attractive design and excellent workmanship.

Price/performance ratio: Excellent (97%)

Perfect and honest
Audio 07/2014
Title: Heilbronn’s rise
Author: Alexandros Mitropoulos

Audio 07/2014
Title:  Heilbronn’s rise
Author: Alexandros Mitropoulos

Translated from the original German article

One way or another: The testers certify the headphone amplifier from Heilbronn has a perfect, honest and wide sound which has no analytical effect despite its neutrality. The A 2 maintained this character independent of the connected headphone: no matter if with magnetostats (…) or conventional dynamic headphones such as the own brand T1 (...) – the reproduction always appeared authentic and from one source. There is no need to worry about direct competitors: while the amplifier’s sound from Wedemark was more fine and airy, the amplifier from Heilbronn showed a vividly concrete reproduction. Regarding richness of detail, sound balance and dynamic, both played on the same high end level.

The enjoyment of playing
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 06/2014
Title: Pure source of the headphone
Author: Wolfgang Tunze

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 06/2014
Title: Pure source of the headphone
Author: Wolfgang Tunze

Translated from the original German article

We used two top-class beyerdynamic headphones for testing – the semi-open T 1 brand flagship and the open T 90. Never before have we heard the fine differences of the two headphones: the precise and analytical sound of the T 1 on one hand and the airy, sometimes almost casual sound of the T 90 on the other hand. Never before have we heard, which advantages have the outputs of an excellent headphone amplifier compared to standard amplifiers: a more detailed sound, the more exact definition of the room, the more lively enjoyment of playing and the greater clarity of the bass. In short: The A 2 really meets the requirement.

Superior sound 04/2014
Title: “Sound in a high dosage”
Author: Frank Borowski 04/2014
Title: Sound in a high dosage
Author: Frank Borowski

Practical test: Headphone amplifiers beyerdynamic A 2 versus M2 Tech Marley

Translated from the original German article


As for the sound, all three models are on top of the long evolution ladder, but beyerdynamic is still one or two steps higher, probably due to its better, integrated power supply, which has to be paid separately and dearly for the Marley and Meridian.


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