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TG V70

TG V70(s)

Made in Germany
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Article Number: 707295

Professional dynamic microphone (hypercardioid) for vocals

Whether it’s the feel or the sound, the dynamic TG V70 live vocal microphone with a hypercardioid polar pattern is sure to impress both on the stage and behind the mixing console – for the singer, the audience and the rental company.

The reasons: the powerful, extremely well resolved sound, the excellent feedback reduction and a marked proximity effect with saturated bass to support less powerful voices. Even without help from the tone control of the mixing console, it delivers an impressively rounded and exceptionally powerful sound. In other words: you only have to plug it in, activate the high-pass filter in the preamp and you’re ready to go. Additional to its great looks, its handling and well-thought-out housing construction with a progressively damped capsule suspension for low handling noises will make it the standard for stage professionals.

Available with or without switch.

Sound Channeling Technology: 

  • Special sound geometry with high-tech acoustic fabric behind the diaphragm
  • 2-stage treble resonator for optimal treble reproduction
  • Special sound holes for a frequency-independent polar pattern

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technical data

Price category   Professional
Transducer typeThe transducer system is designed as a dynamic moving coil microphone, as a ribbon microphone or as a condenser microphone.   Moving coil (dynamic)
Polar patternThe polar pattern is the preferred pick-up direction of the microphone. According to the shape of the corresponding measurement plot, there are omni-directional, cardioid, super-cardioid or hyper-cardioid as well as figure-of-eight patterns. microphone   Hypercardiod
Microphone frequency responseRange of frequencies transmitted by the microphone from low to extremely high sounds (low to high frequencies).   25 - 18.000 Hz
Net weight without packaging   349 g

Spec Sheet

accessories for TG V70(s)

Microphone clamp (22-32mm)
M-Bag M
M-Bag M
Microphone bag (medium)
M-Bag M
Standard XLR-XLR microphone cable, length 5 m
Standard microphone cable. XLR-XLR, length 10 m
ST 600 3/8"
ST 600 3/8"
Microphone stand with heavy base plate, 3/8" thread
ST 600 3/8"
GST 500 3/8"
GST 500 3/8"
Tall microphone stand with telescopic boom, 3/8" thread, black
GST 500 3/8"


Spec Sheet

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TG V70d: Successful model – keep what it promises 01/2012
Title: beyerdynamic TG V70d Review
Author: Carlos San Segundo 01/2012Title: beyerdynamic TG V70d ReviewAuthor: Carlos San Segundo

Translated from the original German article


As I mentioned above, the processing of the V70d makes a high quality impression. The new shaft has a conical shape, which of course looks very good and makes the appearance very modern. When testing the V50d I had noted that the conical shape changes the position of the hand when singing. It is a little further away from the microphone basket.


The supplied microphone clamp works perfectly and ensures a really well-coordinated resistance and tight fit. I mention this because this is not natural with every microphone in the world.


Regarding the sound the pronounced proximity effect is hard to ignore, this should particularly work with relatively high voices. Those who do not like this effect, perhaps because the voice has already more bass than needed for the stage and the full mix, should take a look at the TG V71d variant which has similar features and sound, but does not need the proximity effect.


Conclusion: The beyerdynamic TG V70d supplies what it promises. For just 170, - Euro you will receive not only a dynamic microphone that sounds good for its price range - it even looks really good and impressive on stage.


In particular singers, who may need a little more fullness at the bottom, should test this model with their own voice; the pronounced proximity effect is in fact not useful for all singers. For vocalists who have a deep voice, the V71d without the pronounced proximity effect is recommended.


All in all, this dynamic microphone is a successful model of the manufacturer. If you want a sturdy device for the band rehearsal room or the stage then this is the right choice and you get a balanced sound. From my side there are four and a half stars out of five in the beyerdynamic TG V70d test report.


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